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Eid milad un nabi ka moka per jhanda lagana jahiz ha

As salamu allaiqum
Eid milad un nabi k moka per hum log sabz rang ka jhanda lagata ha . is baat ko main hadees se proved karta ho ka jhanda lagana jahiz ha .

BIBI AMINA(R.A) farmati hain,ma ny dekha k 3jhandy nasb kiye gay.1 mashriq me,2 maghrib me,3 kabay ki chat par….Or HUZOOR (S.A.W.W) ki wiladat ho gai.aur Jhanda Hazrt e Jibrail ny nasab kiy thy
(KHASAIS KUBRA JILD 1 PAGE 82)tu jo bhi jhanda lago lakin lago Sarkar ky wiladat par inshah allaha Sunt e Jibrail puri ho gi.

ورأيت ثلاثة أعلام مضروبات علما في المشرق وعلما في المغرب وعلما على ظهر الكعبة فأخذني المخاض فولدت محمدا صلى الله عليه وسلم
“I saw three flags posted. One in the east, one in west and the third one over the roof of the Ka’ba and Muhammad’s (beloved Prophet’s Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) blessed birth took place.” [Khasais al-Kubra, Vol. 1, Page 82, Published from Dar al-Kutub Ilmia, Beirut – Lebanon]
Procession with flags

When the Holy Prophet was performing Hijrat and came to a place close to Madina called 'mo'za'ai ghameem', Bareeda Aslami along with seventy horsemen from the tribe of bani Sehm came with the intention to capture the Holy Prophet . However, they themselves got captured in the love of The Holy Prophet and accepted Islam.
They said, 'Ya Rasool-Allah , your entry into Madina should be done with flags.' After saying this, the horsemen took off their Imaamay, placed them on top of their spears and lead the way into Madina.

Another Hadith

Giving Flags to Sahabas [radhiallah anho] to carry flags of Prophet [salehalawaalihiwasalam] and its sunnah of sahabas [radhiallahanho] to do that.

sahih Bukhari : Book 52 Hadith 298

Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Allah's Apostle delivered a sermon and said, "Zaid received the flag and was martyred, then Ja'far took it and was martyred, then 'Abdullah bin Rawaha took it and was martyred, and then Khalid bin Al-Walid took it without being appointed, and Allah gave him victory." The Prophet added, "I am not pleased (or they will not be pleased) that they should remain (alive) with us," while his eyes were shedding tears.

sahih Bukhari Book 52 Hadith 218

Narrated Tha'laba bin Abi Malik Al-Qurazi:
When Qais bin Sad Al-Ansari, who used to carry the flag of the Prophet, intended to perform Hajj, he combed his hair.

Sahih Bukhari Book 52 Hadith 219

Narrated Nafi bin Jubair: I heard Al Abbas telling Az-Zubair, "The Prophet ordered you to fix the flag here."
Dua main yaad rakheya ga
Amel soname

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